ECHA Finds Forbidden Substances in Toys

A project of the ECHA Enforcement Forum for REACH has inspected 5,600 products, among them almost 500 toys, from 29 countries. The result? Every fifth toy contains forbidden substances like DEHP, DBP, and BBP. Some 12% of the jewelry inspected contained cadmium, and 13% of the leather goods contained chromium VI. In their analysis, the scientists primarily looked for substances like phthalates and heavy metals, such as cadmium, that are listed in REACH Annex XVII.

The leader of the study, Marilla Anttila, was concerned that the origin of four out of ten articles is unknown. She appealed to the national agencies that are responsible to keep a particularly close eye on jewelry. She made her comments at the Chemical Watch European Enforcement Summit held in Brussels in mid-November. The ECHA will publish a comprehensive closing report on the project at the end of the year.

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