ECHA Publishes Updated Action Plan (CoRAP)

The action plan (Community Rolling Action Plan – CoRAP) lists all the substances that must be evaluated in the context of the REACH Regulation. The plan is updated regularly and can be downloaded here. It contains useful information on why a substance is to be evaluated, when the evaluation is to take place, and which governmental agency in which member country is responsible for the evaluation.

Selection criteria for the evaluation of poisonous substances were published by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) together with the member states of the European Union in May 2011. The goal was to formulate and evaluate uniform, EU-wide guidelines to determine which of the substances posed a possible risk to human health or the environment.

KFT is already involved in some evaluation processes. Should one of your registered substances be included on the CoRAP list and you may need any support, please contact Dr. Nicolas Heidrich: phone: ++49 6155/86829-18;

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