Environment Committee of the EU Parliament Approves Updated Detergents Regulation

The Environment Committee of the EU Parliament has cleared the way for the updated Detergents Regulation after some parts of the EU Commission’s proposal were amended. The improvements primarily serve to protect the environment, consumers, water, and bodies of water.

The lowered threshold values for the total phosphorus content in detergents and cleaning agents could, in fact, significantly reduce the burden on water bodies. The stricter values apply to detergents for hand dishwashing as well as household cleaners. Another new feature is that the threshold values are, for the first time, also mandatory for industrially used detergents and cleaning agents.

The legislators also hope for improved environmental protection. For example, detergents must be more biodegradable, and persistent substances that can accumulate in the environment and thus contaminate drinking water resources will be banned.

The new regulations should also benefit the consumer because manufacturers will have to list all ingredients on the labels. Clearly visible scales on the caps and measuring cups of the containers will ensure the correct dosage.

In a press release, Alexis van Maercke, Director General of the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products (A.I.S.E.), described the decision as an important step toward the new detergents regulation. Nevertheless, he considers the phosphorus limit value for industrial and commercial applications unrealistic.

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