EU Clarifies REACH Information Requirements and Revises REACH Annexes VI–X

The EU Commission has specified the information requirements for REACH, updating Annexes VI–X of the Regulation. The corresponding EU Regulation 2022/477 was published in the Official Journal on March 25 and takes effect on October 14, 2022.

What do the changes mean for your company? You are now obligated to review your REACH dossiers and update the related data before October 14.

Overall, 23 specific provisions and information requirements were changed. One of the changes clarifies the cases that require a certain type of substance tests and checks to determine mutagenicity and reproductive, developmental, and aquatic toxicity. For example, do short-term toxicity tests suffice or are long-term toxicity tests required? The change also defines the cases in which tests and/or studies are dispensable.

Sometimes situations arise that require detailed examinations according to Annex IX and therefore transmission of more data before a substance can be approved for specific uses. Uniform terminology should also create greater clarity, given that the terms align with the technical guidelines of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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