Experts Discuss Platform for Chemical Data

Discussions about the development of a platform for trade and the exchange of chemical data is off to a flying start. As part of a landmark conference, EU Chemicals Policy 2030 – Building on the Past, Moving to the Future, held in Brussels at the end of June, representatives of the EU, the ECHA, industry, and industry associations exchanged ideas about the possibility of creating a kind of “Netflix of data.” The creation would be a fee-based platform that gives users access to studies and data on chemicals. The EU Commission and the Danish Environmental Ministry organized the conference.

The experts opined that only such a platform can ensure uniform risk assessment and reputable risk management. The platform would enable companies to access data and significantly simplify the registration of chemicals in countries with legislation similar to REACH – South Korea and Turkey, for example.

Sylvie Lemoine, product stewardship director at CEFIC, is excited about the project. However, she told the conference that it is too early to say anything about concrete plans. ECHA director Björn Hansen was also open to and positive about the idea of such a platform. The problem, he said, is less about the data, which is available, and more about how knowledge is coordinated and made available to the responsible stakeholders. For example, Hansen suggested summarizing scientific publications in journals in the IUCLID format.

At the same time, he appealed for joining information from animal experiments and in-vitro tests. In practice, that can mean that every time a chemical is tested, a sample can be sent to the EU’s Joint Research Centre (JRC). Scientists at the center could then produce toxicological data and compare it with data from animal experiments.

The EU has provided the background reports of the conference.

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