Great Britain Passes Environmental Law – REACH Requirements Hang in the Balance

On November 9, the British government approved the Environment Act 2021 in parliament. Schedule 21 is particularly noteworthy. It states that the State Secretary is empowered to modify both REACH and REACH Enforcement Regulations 2008 – as long as they abide by Article 1 of REACH (aim and scope of the regulation).  

But the REACH principle of “no data, no market” remains in force. That means that the registration of substances and the related requirements for data on substances are still present.  

The British government has justified Schedule 21. It claims that the Schedule ensures that the legislation always remains up to date and enables chemicals management to be best adapted to any new requirements.  

The government states that it does not intend to deviate from EU environmental standards, although a deviation from REACH itself is likely.  

In addition to the new environmental law, the government plans to publish a chemicals strategy for Great Britain.  

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