Many Consumer Products with Child-Resistant Fastenings Violate CLP Requirements

The ECHA Forum, a body made up of CLP experts from various countries, has inspected a total of 797 products as part of a European-wide enforcement project. Every third product was not packaged or labeled according to the CLP requirements. This finding was presented to the ECHA in June.

The goods that were tested included consumer products like disinfectants, bleaching agents, and various types of cleansers. According to CLP, all the products are to have child-resistant fastenings and tactile warnings. The requirements for child-resistant fasteners was not met in 32 cases, classification and labeling in terms of child-resistant fasteners was inadequate in 66 cases, and tactile warnings were incorrect or missing completely for 77 products.

A total of 24 products had not been approved for the market, and an additional 24 had to be removed from the market. Many of the companies involved recalled their products voluntarily.

The authors demanded that national agencies explain the CLP requirements for child-resistant fasteners and tactile warnings to companies more clearly. For more information, see the report of   the ECHA.

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