Plan Updates on Time: New Requirements for Safety Data Sheets

Since the start of the year, Regulation (EU) 2020/878 has been in effect, which modifies Annex II of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH). Annex II defines the requirements for the creation of an SDS. The changes affect the content and format of an SDS. 

The new Regulation has two principal effects. First, it adjusts the contents of an SDS to address new requirements for chemicals with nanoforms. Second, it aligns the requirements of an SDS with the sixth and seventh Revision of the UN-GHS. Overall, the changes mean that companies must update or even supplement their SDSs.  

The modifications require additional information, including: 

  • Physical-chemical properties  
  • Hazardous components in mixtures (Section 3 of the SDS)  
  • Endocrine disruptors and the specific nanoforms and particle sizes of chemicals 

Note the Deadlines

The Regulation grants a two-year transition period for implementation of the new requirements through December 31, 2022. The current supply of SDSs, created according to the previous regulations, remain valid during this period. Nevertheless, you should safeguard your planning and ensure the legal security and marketability of your substances and products as early as possible. 

Free Up Your Team  

We are familiar with the new legal requirements. We know what information has to be changed and which has to be supplemented. We keep you focused on your day-to-day business by updating data directly in your IT system over a secure remote connection. The advantage is that you save resources and gain maximum transparency. 

Even better, we offer a flat-rate maintenance and consulting service through a framework agreement. If needed, we can discuss an automatic update of your SDSs so that you don’t need to become familiar with the laws and do the work yourself.  

Let us advise you on the various options available. Contact our experts at  

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