REACH 2018: ECHA Offers and Recommendations

Effective immediately, the ECHA will provide REACH-IT around the clock to all companies that want to register substances. The ECHA will also hold a Webinar on April 19 (11:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m.) that allows prospective registrants to pose questions and obtain comprehensive information on registration. The questions to be covered include:

  • What happens if the data on test results in submitted late?
  • What do I do when vendors do not register?
  • What should I do when conflicts arise during a joint registration?

The Webinar will also treat questions related to lead registrants and the Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF).

In a conversation with ChemicalWatch, the ECHA indicated the importance of submitting registration documents before the deadline on May 31 – even if some data in missing. Any incomplete data can be submitted later.

At the end of March, some two months before the end of the registration period, the ECHA had received a total of 18,037 registration dossiers for 7,452 substances. Some 4,975 of the submissions were for new substances. A total of 3,236 companies submitted dossiers, and 544 of them did so for the first time in 2018. The ECHA provides up-to-date registration statistics on its Web site.

Because they do not yet have data on test results, companies have so far requested extensions of the deadline about 160 times We reported on this ECHA offer in our blog entry REACH 2018: New Deadline for Registrants. Because of heavy demand, the ECHA wants to keep the Web site of the Directors Contact Group (DCG) up to date.

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