REACH 2018 – The Sixth Step: Submit Your Registration Dossier

You have now created your registration dossier. In the next and last step, you must submit the dossier over REACH-IT. Please make your submission as soon as you can, but before the end of March 2018. The ECHA will usually process your dossier within three weeks. If you submit it later than March 2018, you may not receive a response before the end of August 2018.

If you are the lead registrant, you must first notify the ECHA of your intention to submit a joint dossier. You use REACH-IT to create a Joint Submission Object that you name and supply with the exact identity of the substance. You can then supply the information that you are voluntarily submitting jointly, such as the chemical safety report and the notes for how to deal with the substance safely. You then receive an electronic key or token (REACH-IT Industry User Manual, p.17). The token guarantees the unambiguous connection between the lead registrant and the joint registrants. As the lead registrant, you then send the name of the Joint Submission Object and the token to the other registrants by e-mail. As co-registrants, they must use the name of the Joint Submission Object and the token to log on and confirm the joint registration. Keep in mind that the token is valid for only four weeks. Afterwards the lead registrant has to create a new one.

The actual submission of the dossier can now take place. But before you, as the lead registrant, do that, you should check two things:

  1. Is the contact information listed in your REACH-IT account up to date?
  2. Is the size of the company indicated in the account correct?

The dossier that the lead registrant submits undergoes a virus check, is validated, and is checked for completeness. The Joint Submission Detail Page in the Joint Submission Object gives the status of the lead dossier. Once the ECHA accepts the document for processing, the co-registrants can submit their dossiers.

You should then check your inbox in REACH-IT regularly. That’s how the ECHA will communicate with you. As soon as you pay the bill and the ECHA has accepted your registration, you receive a registration number. Once your registration is complete and all tasks have been performed, it’s your responsibility to ensure that all the data is always up to date.

You can find comprehensive, step-by-step instructions in REACH-IT Industry User Manual. You can find additional information and links at the REACH helpdesk.

If you have special concerns or questions and would like detailed advice, please contact us at

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