REACH: EU Considers Immediate Measures

In view of the protracted revision of REACH, the EU is considering measures to accelerate individual REACH processes. Experts and scientists discussed possible measures at the conference on “Tomorrow’s Chemicals Policy: Perspectives and Challenges,” held in Brussels at the end of April. Essentially, the aim should be to consider measures to improve the quality of registration dossiers, restriction and authorization processes, alternatives to animal testing and data requirements for new CLP hazard classes.

Focus on Article 58 of REACH

One way to simplify processes and reduce the ECHA’s workload would be to amend Article 58 of REACH. The article specifies the criteria for inclusion in the list of substances subject to authorization (Annex XIV of REACH).

Selecting Substances More Specifically 

For example, if inspectors had more information on how and to what extent substances are used, they could select substances for restriction and authorization lists in a more targeted manner. Priority would then be given to substances with a wider use that pose a higher environmental and health risk. Such prioritization would also relieve the burden on ECHA inspectors because they could concentrate on the truly important substances.

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