REACH Revision Delayed Once Again

The previously announced proposal for the REACH revision will not appear this quarter. The EU Commission has removed the proposal from its work program for 2024. It is now clear that those responsible for the next EU legislative period will have to grapple with the REACH amendment.

The head of the European Green Deal program, Maroš Šefčovič, explained that the renewed delay arises from the complexity of the matter and the tough wrangling with stakeholders from industry on the question of how far bans should go.

The German Chemical Industry Association explained the heart of the matter in a policy letter (German only) to politicians. If, for example, a blanket ban on the PFAS group of substances were to be enacted, “a precedent would be set for a ban that has not yet been seen on this scale: Without detailed assessment, several thousand substances with a wide range of properties would be banned in one fell swoop.”

When the revised REACH proposal can be expected now remains more uncertain than ever.

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