Regulation on Data-Sharing Takes Effect

The Regulation was published in the Official Journal of the EU on January 6 and takes effect on January 26. The regulation serves joint registrants as a tool to improve transparency, create fairness, and avoid discrimination. And if requested, the required transparency, fairness, and lack of discrimination must be ensured retroactively for prior years. A cost-sharing mechanism and the principle of refunds are introduced as mandatory. You can find information on the regulation in our blog entry of November 26, 2015.

Another point is the strengthening of the principle of joint registration. Opt-out is to become more difficult. The ECHA will align its IT tools and guidelines with the new regulation this spring. And the Directors’ Contact Group, made up of representatives of the EU, the ECHA, and industry associations will align its recommendations with the new regulation.

KFT has supported companies with the registration of substances for many years in the context of forums for the exchange of information on substances (SIEF). We handle management of the project; financial processing; trustee services; and communication with customers, official agencies, and competitors. If you are looking for a partner that aligns documentation for data-sharing according to the new law, please contact us at

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