SIEF: Guidelines for More Fairness

For years now, companies have taken advantage of an option to register substances together. They use a forum to exchange information about studies, rating, and classification, the Substance Information Exchange Forum, or SIEF. With the objectice of avoiding animal experiments.
Nevertheless, the organization, the work processes, and the required communication place great demands on participants. And especially when it’s a matter of fair distribution of costs, companies don’t always agree.

The Directors’ Contact Group, a forum that consists of representatives of the EU, the ECHA, and industry associations, has now issued two additional guidelines: Recommendations on Sound SIEF Management and Fair, Transparent and Non-Discriminatory Cost Sharing in SIEFs. At the same time, the EU plans to issue a new regulation. As a result, those in charge hope for more transparency and fairness when dealing with each other. For complete documentation on SIEF, please click here.

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