Stricter Guidelines for Laundry Capsules

As of June, new requirements apply for water-soluble capsules that contain liquid detergents. The EU Commission approved the requirements (EU Regulation 1297/2014) as an amendment to the CLP Regulation (EU 1272/2008) in a fast-track process after the number of accidents rose. Especially children under the age of two mistook the colorful capsules for candy or fruit juice and swallowed the detergent.

Medical personnel report over 17,000 cases of poisoning in 2012 and 2013 – just in the United States. Because the capsules are now on the market in Germany, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment warns about the convenient capsules.

One of the demands of the new regulation is that manufacturers must provide alternative packaging. For example, the alternatives must not be transparent and a bitter material must be added to the packaging material to prevent children from swallowing the contents.

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