Sweden: One of Ten Products Labeled Incorrectly

The Swedish chemicals agency KEMI, examined about 24,000 products that contain hazardous chemicals. Some 2,600 of the products, most of them cleaning products, were found to be labeled incorrectly. In three of every four cases, the labels did not comply with the requirements of the CLP regulation. More than half of the companies studied had at least one incorrectly labeled product.
The following additional errors were also found:
15% of the products did not carry labels printed in Swedish.
8% of the products did not feature warnings for people with visual difficulties.
3% of the products did not have childproof closures.

Most of the faulty products were taken off the market immediately. More-serious cases were referred to legal authorities, and in many cases, environmental crimes are suspected. KEMI has issued a press release and an inspection report (both in Swedish only).

As if June 1, 2017, the requirements of the CLP Regulation (Regulation No. 1272/2008) have been in full force. Even hazardous mixtures like household cleaners, solvents, or construction chemicals must carry the appropriate labels. Among other requirements, the labels must identify the supplier. They must also indicate the type and quantity of the substance and/or mixture involved along with a hazard pictogram and safety instructions.

See this info sheet (German only) for a good overview.

If you have any questions, please contact us at clp-info@kft.de.

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