Taiwan Publishes Guidance on Standard Registration of Priority Existing Substances (PECS)

At the start of June, Taiwan published the first version of Guidance on Existing Chemical Substances Standard Registration (only in Chinese) for priority existing substances (PECS). The first version covers the registration of 106 PECS according to the Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances Control Act (TCCSCA).

Companies must submit the following information for standard registration to the Taiwanese Environmental Protection Administration (EPA):

  • Information on the identity of the substance and the registrant
  • Data on the physical and chemical properties of the substance
  • Information on toxicology and ecotoxicology
  • Information on manufacture, use, and exposure
  • GHS hazard classification
  • Information on safe use
  • Hazard and exposure assessment reports

In Taiwan, PECS must be registered when they are manufactured or imported in a quantity greater than one ton per year. The criteria for prioritization include:

  • High production volume
  • Hazard potential as indicated in classification and labeling
  • Use with a high potential for exposure
  • Lack of relevant data

Companies have been able to register their chemicals since January 1, 2020. The following deadlines apply:

  • December 31, 2021 for chemicals manufactured or imported in quantities greater than 100 tons per year.
  • December 31, 2022 for chemicals manufactured or imported in quantities greater than 1 ton and up to 100 tons per year.

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