Turkey REACH: How to Avoid an Import Stoppage

The registration phase for chemicals has been running since the start of this year. What does that mean for you as a company? You should preregister your chemicals as soon as possible and have them registered if you want to manufacture or import them in a quantity greater than one ton per year. Otherwise, an import stoppage may occur. 

Even a late preregistration is still possible. But if you have already preregistered your chemicals, you should take the next step and undertake a registration as soon as possible although the registration phase runs until the end of 2023. Before the registration you should look at the required considerations and clarify the following questions: 

  • What possibilities exist to apply an exception for your chemical? 
  • Is a new registration required or is it enough for you to participate in an existing  
    registration (through the purchase of a letter of access (LoA)?  
  • What is your role? Are you a coregistrant or the lead registrant? 
  • What data do you require as the lead registrant or coregistrant? 
  • How do you communicate with other potential registrants? 
  • Do you have data or studies that you want to or should include?  
  • What data might be missing? Have all the required analytical chemical studies been performed? 
  • Have some chemicals been forgotten that should be preregistered in a follow-up activity? 

If your company does not have an office in Turkey, we would be pleased to fulfill the role of an Only Representative for you. 

Please contact us with any questions at sales@kft.de

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