Vietnam Updates Registration Requirements for Chemicals and Implementation Rules

Updated Regulations (Decree 82/2022/ND-CP – only in Vietnamese) on the implementation of the Vietnamese Chemical Law were published in mid-October. They also modify the registration requirements for many substances, including important precursors like

  • ammonia;
  • acetylene;
  • chlorine;
  • fluorine;
  • hydrogen;
  • hydrogen fluoride;
  • hydrogen sulphide;
  • sulphur dioxide;
  • nitric acid; and
  • phosphorous (white, yellow and red).

These substances are all new items in Annex 1 of the Chemical Law. The list of restricted chemicals was also enhanced. The modifications take effect on December 22.

As of that date, companies are obligated to register these chemicals. That means that companies need an authorization if they want to manufacture or import the chemicals. Substances that are contained in mixtures in a concentration of <0.1% are exempt from the registration requirement. The updated rules also affect the creation of safety data sheets (SDS). No SDS is required if the hazardous substance in question is present at a concentration < 1 percent.

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