Chemicals Regulation: China Puts Pressure on Companies That File Late

China’s Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Centre (MEE-SCC), a department of the Ministry for Ecology and Environment (MEE), has given companies until October 31 to submit their missing annual reports. The reports are required when companies register new chemicals that are persistent (P), bioaccumulative (B), and toxic (T). They also include information on exposure and emission scenarios and on risk-mitigation measures.  

Altogether, the MEE-SCC has now admonished 52 late-filing companies to supply reports for 68 hazardous chemicals. Otherwise, the companies face the imposition of hefty fines.  

The legislation requiring mandatory reporting is the new Chemicals law, MEE Order No. 12 (only in Chinese), also known as China REACH. It has been in effect since the beginning of this year and replaces the previously valid law, MEP Order No. 7. The earlier legislation required companies to supply annual reports for most new chemicals; the reports are now required only for new PBT chemicals.  

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