China Publishes RoHS 2 Product Catalog and List of Exemptions

The Chinese Ministry for Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has published a RoHS product catalog (only in Chinese) of electric and electronic products that must meet the requirements of the RoHS regulation and a list of approved exemptions (only in Chinese). Both go into effect on March 12, 2019.

The final version is essentially the same as the draft of the previous year: The same products are listed. However, the updated list specifies the products in greater detail. For example, instead of simply listing television devices, the document distinguishes between traditional cathode-ray tube, rear-projection, OLED or LCD, and other flat-screen televisions with various display techniques.

In general, all the products must comply with RoHS requirements if their use is not clearly defined and they are sold separately. However, some devices, such as certain printers, are exempted from the regulation. Exemptions also apply to products that are listed themselves, but that are part of a larger product that is not listed.

SJ/T 11363-2006 (China RoHS 1) has been the law since March 1, 2007. Its goal is similar to that of the EU RoHS regulation – keeping specific hazardous chemicals out of electronic products.

The MIIT published China RoHS 2 (only in Chinese) on January 21, 2016. Its requirements are very closely aligned with those of the European RoHS 2 of 2011. You can find a detailed comparison and a good overview of RoHS regulations in individual countries at ChemSafetyPRO. Additional information can be found at Questions and Answers on China RoHS 2.

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