Compliance Checks: 81% of REACH Dossiers Incomplete

Last year, the ECHA performed 301 checks and found that it had to request follow-up data on the long-term effects of chemicals on human health and the environment in 81% of the cases it examined. As the ECHA reported in its press release on February 26, the missing information was on the effects of the chemicals on fetal development, genetic mutations, and aquatic toxicity.

As the 2019 statistics indicate, the inspectors examined the data on 274 chemicals in almost 3,000 dossiers. In doing so, the ECHA fulfilled its goal and increased the number of inspections by 50% over 2018.

Unlike the case in 2018, last year the inspectors asked for information not only from lead registrants, but also from all parties in a joint submission. The ECHA hoped that this approach would give all participants legal security regarding their individual legal requirements.

The ECHA regards complete data in registration dossiers as the key to safe chemicals management. Earlier reports, including those from the ECHA and two from the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, BfR (only in German) (and the second here), have repeatedly uncovered issues related to quality. The sobering results moved the ECHA to create a REACH Evaluation Joint Action Plan.

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