Deadline for Phase-In Substances Is Approaching

By June 1, 2017, all phase-in substances (Link in deutsch) ranging from 1 to 100 tons must be preregistered. Preregistration ensures that a company can participate in a joint registration until June 1, 2018 without the need for a preliminary application. The marketability of the substance is allowed up to this date.

If a company misses the preregistration period, the marketability of the substance in question can be maintained only with an inquiry. The identity of the substance is checked as part of the inquiry. It can take several months to process the preliminary application and the registration. During that time, the substance cannot be marketed. A company can import or manufacture the substance only after it has received a registration.

Preregistration is a purely formal act. The ECHA provides the required formats free of charge. Nevertheless, all manufacturers and importers must perform the preregistration of the substance themselves.

“We recommend that every company have its supplies of existing substances inspected and preregister all substances present in a quantity less than 100 tons so that they can avoid import prohibitions,” says REACH expert Dr. Nicolas Heidrich, KFT.

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