EU Allows Inspections of the Classification and Labeling of Mixtures

At the beginning of the year, the ECHA began another enforcement project (REACH-EN-FORCE-6, REF-6). With this project, the agency wants to see if the classification and labeling of mixtures corresponds to the data in the related safety data sheets. A total of 31 European states are participating in the project, and the ECHA has issued a press release about it.

The CLP Regulation has been binding for mixtures since June 1, 2017. In Germany, the factory inspectorates of individual states are responsible for compliance with the regulation. The EU supports compliance with the CLP rules and has created the Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement (Forum) on CLP, REACH, and PIC within the EU for that purpose. Each country has a representative in the Forum. The members propose, coordinate, and evaluate projects like REF-6. Katja vom Hofe is the current chair of the Forum. Last year for the first time, the Forum included a Biocidal Products Regulation Subgroup (BPRS) under the direction of Eugen Anwander.

In addition to routine checks, those responsible for REF-6 may include additional criteria in their inspections, such as whether special requirements for labelling and packaging requirements, for liquid laundry detergent capsules, and for the authorization and labelling of biocidal products are being met.

A closing report covering the results of the inspections is planned for the end of 2019.

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