EU Countries Inspect Products for Hazardous Chemicals

As part of two EU enforcement projects, inspectors have examined products across the EU for the presence of hazardous chemicals. The first project monitors compliance with Regulation No. 528/2012 on the marketing and use of biocide products. In the second project, government agencies examine products imported into the EU to see if they meet the requirements set forth in REACH and CLP. See the ECHA press release.

The inspections related to the biocide regulation (enforcement project for biocides, BEF-1) have been ongoing since January of this year in 28 EU and EEA countries and will continue until the end of 2019. The monitors inspect treated consumer goods, such as children’s and sports clothing, along with commercial products, such as building materials and personal protective equipment. Chemical mixtures, such as paints and inks, are also examined. The inspectors focus most keenly on prohibited agents and compliance with labeling requirements.

As of March 2019, the inspections have been extended to imported products. As part of this project, customs agencies in 16 EU and EEA inspect imported products for cadmium, nickel, and lead and their compliance with the required safety notifications. Products not in compliance may not be imported in the EU. The inspections will continue until the autumn of 2019.

Publication of the results of both inspections is planned in mid-2020 (REACH and CLP) and the end of 2020 2020 (BEF-1 project).

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