Norway: Every Fifth Product Improperly Labeled

As part of monitoring project, the Norwegian Environment Agency has inspected more than 860 products that contain hazardous chemicals. The result: Every fifth product was improperly labeled. The Environment Agency has issued a press release (only in Norwegian) on its findings.

The inspection occurred in May 2018. Overall, the inspector monitored products in 49 shops in Oslo and its environs, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim, and Tromsø. They focused on the correct labeling of products and, if required, whether the products had child-proof closures.

In one third of all issues, the labels were not in Norwegian, as is required. The closing report (only in Norwegian) also indicated that the labels often lacked the required hazard pictograms.

The actual numbers:

  • 5 products did not have childproof closures
  • 15 products did not have tactile warning labels
  • 1 product contained a known carcinogen and was therefore prohibited
  • 29 products had obsolete labels

All the retailers who violated current law were given verbal warning. The products must be removed from the shelves and made available for sale only after they comply with the CLP regulation.

Inspectors from the Swedish Chemicals Supervisory Agency KEMI found a similar number of violations of labeling requirements.

As if June 1, 2017, the requirements of the CLP Regulation (Regulation No. 1272/2008) also apply for hazardous mixtures like household cleaners, solvents, or construction chemicals. See this info sheet of the Association of the Chemical Industry (German only) for a good overview.

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