EU Publishes Temporary Impact Assessment on the Revision of the Detergents Regulation

On September 21, the EU Commission published the temporary impact assessment on the revision of the Detergents Regulation (Regulation No. 648/2004) and invited stakeholders to participate in a public consultation, which ends on October 19. 

A modification is required because theory and practice diverge too markedly in the text of the legislation, which differs from the requirements given in other regulations (REACH, CLP, and the biocidal products Regulation, BPR). For example, legal unclarity exists about microbial cleaning products covered by both the detergents and biocidal products Regulation, leading to duplicate labeling requirements. The situation confuses consumers and increases the efforts the companies must expend to meet the requirements.  

Accordingly, the EU plans modifications that include: 

  • Refinement of the definitions and scope.  
  • Consideration of tougher threshold values for phosphorus.  
  • Greater clarity in the legal framework in the future and unambiguous differentiation among the regulations: The revision is one option; Another would be the repeal of the detergents Regulation and transferring its scope to other regulations.  

According to the EU road map, the initial draft of the modified legislation is planned for Q3 of 2022.  

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