Germany Submits Restriction Proposal on Diisocyanates

Germany has submitted a restriction proposal on diisocyanates to the ECHA. According to the proposal, diisocyanates may no longer be used as substances, components of other substances, or in mixtures for industrial and commercial purposes unless one of the following applies:

  • The cumulative concentration of diisocyanates in the substance or mixture is less than 0.1wt%.
  • According to Annex M, measurements under realistic conditions show that only an acceptable risk remains when the substance or mixtures are used as described.
  • The substance or mixture is used according to the specifications contained in Annex N.

Diisocyanates are valuable intermediate products in the synthetics industry. They serve as a raw material in the manufacture of foams like polyurethanes. But diisocyanates sensitize the respiratory system to a great degree. Studies indicate that skin-based exposure can trigger such sensitization.
Occupational respiratory illness has occurred in all member states, which suggests that the risks to human health are not yet under control.
A research group recently reported on the costs of medical treatment for lung and skin illnesses caused by isocyanates. The report is available for download from the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA).
The ECHA published the submitted restriction proposal. There, you can also find the other isocyanates concerned.
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