Japan: Workplace Exposure Limits for 860 Substances

As part of an update of the Industrial Safety and Health Act (ISHA), Japan is also introducing workplace exposure limits for 860 chemical substances. The introduction will occur in steps according to the following schedule (only in Japanese).

The update means that in the future, companies must perform a risk evaluation for these substances and define measures to ensure adherence to the limits. The limits and the details of the plan were announced known by the Ministry of Labour, Health and Welfare (MHLW) at a meeting in mid-December. But nothing was said about the date when the limits would take effect.

In the current fiscal year (2022) that ends on March 31, a list with 120 substances and the related exposure limits will appear. (All lists are available only in Japanese.)

For fiscal year 2023, a list with 170 substances will appear.

For fiscal year 2024, a list with 180 substances will appear.

For the following fiscal year, 2024, and beyond, a list with 390 substances will appear.

Please note that as of April 1, 2023, new requirements for safety data sheets and the labeling of substances apply.

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