Mexico: Chemicals Law on the Way

Mexico wants to place its chemicals policy on a solid foundation, as announced by the Mexican General Health Council (CSG) (Spanish only). According to the document, Mexico wants to establish national management of chemical substances based on a database of all the chemicals used in the country. Furthermore, manufacturers and importers should supply data in registration dossiers to enable safe risk management along the supply chain.

The dossiers are to contain information on: 

  • General data about the chemical; its physical, toxicological, and ecotoxicological properties; and all its uses 
  • A chemical safety assessment  
  • Classification, labeling and safety data sheets according to the GHS system of the United Nations on the classification and labeling of chemicals; The fifth revised version applies in Mexico 

The CSG expects approval of the law next year.

The authors base their proposal on the lack of uniform regulations. Each of the 11 public agencies in Mexico has its own requirements. In many cases, industry has provided basic information, such as CAS numbers, irregularly or not at all.

Nonetheless, the information is readily available, given that 90% of the chemicals are imported from countries with strict legal requirements for chemicals. Data on the properties and risks of the chemicals is clearly accessible.

The Mexican Chemical Industry Association (ANIQ) wants to collaborate with governmental agencies. ANIQ does not expect any restrictions in Mexico because of the new law.

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