PFAS: Restriction Dossiers to Undergo Major Adjustments

More than 5,600 comments were received regarding the first draft of the restriction dossier and could lead to more-extensive adjustments than expected. The German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), one of the five authorities that helped draft the restriction proposal, made the announcement (German only).

More than 100,000 pages required analysis, resulting in a much broader information base. New insights were gained, including the need to:

  • Examine whether and to what extent PFAS uses not included in the current draft fit the assessments of existing sectors or whether additional areas of use require definition.
  • Determine whether the proposed exemptions and transitional periods are appropriate or if exemptions may be added, revised, or deleted and transitional periods extended or shortened.
  • Consider new content from various EU regulations that the current draft of the dossier does not take into consideration, including, for example, the revised F-gas Regulation.
  • Assess more easily the urgency of which PFAS should be restricted or banned.

Urgent action is required to achieve a uniform solution across the EU and to avoid other EU states going it alone as much as possible. Two countries have already taken the lead. In Denmark (press release in Danish), for example, the sale and import of PFAS-containing fire-extinguishing foams used on training grounds has been banned since the beginning of the year. And at the beginning of April, France published a draft to ban PFAS in toys, cosmetics, and textiles as quickly as possible (French only).

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