Poison Centers: ECHA Offers New Support Services

The ECHA has updated its Web site on poison centers and is offering new support services that simplify the preparation and transmission of information on hazardous mixtures. See the press release issued by the ECHA.

The Web site supports companies in complying with the requirements of Annex VIII of the CLP Regulation. The annex requires companies that market hazardous mixtures in the EU to notify the appropriate agencies of their activities.

The new part of the ECHA Web site helps companies answer these kinds of questions:

  • What are the submission deadlines and what guidance is available?
  • Which mixtures does the rule cover?
  • What information must be included on chemical composition, toxicology, and product category?
  • What information must companies supply on product labels?
  • How can a unique formula identifier (UFI) be created?

The ECHA is currently developing a portal know as Poison Centers Notification (PCN). The Web app should enable companies to create information in the PCN format, which is compatible with UICLID. That would reduce the effort involved in having to transmit information in multiple member states. The agency plans to go live with the portal at the start of 2019. See also the information sheet of the ECHA, How to prepare and submit information to poison centres.

At KFT, we offer companies an emergency number service through our partners Chemtrec and Giftinfor-mationszentrum Nord (GIZ). We would be pleased to provide you with personal information about the details of the service.

Please contact us under emergency@kft.de.

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