REACH Dossiers: ECHA Complains of Missing Data on Long-Term Effects and Updates Its Recommendations for Companies

Some nine of ten REACH dossiers that ECHA inspectors examined last year lacked data on the long-term effects of substances, such as information on mutagenicity, genotoxicity, and long-term aquatic toxicity. In these cases, the ECHA called upon companies to supply the data within a fixed period. The ECHA published the exact statistics on its Web site. The agency also provides stakeholders with a file listing all the substances it inspected.

Given the incomplete dossiers and as part of the updated information requirements for registrants, the ECHA has updated its Recommendations to Registrants. As of January 8, 2022 Regulation (EU) 2021/979 has been in effect with revised REACH Annexes VII through XI.

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