Detergents Regulation: What Are the Next Steps?

According to the impact assessment published in the fall of 2021, the EU is once again inviting stakeholders to comment on the revision of the Detergents Regulation (Regulation No. 648/2004). The public consultation is open until May 25.

Repeal of the Detergents Regulation was under discussion in the fall. Plans called for inserting its provisions into other regulations, such as REACH, CLP, and the Biocidal Products Regulation. The EU Commission hoped that this approach would avoid overlapping laws and create more legal certainty for companies and users. But industrial associations rejected elimination of the Detergents Regulation.

Goals and positions should once again be concretized in the ongoing consultation before the EU Commission presents a revised Detergents Regulation in the fourth quarter of this year. Along with clarification of the scope of usage, definitions, and requirements for detergents, the revision is to include the topic of digital product labeling. No mandatory legal framework for such labels currently exists.

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