REACH Registration: Completeness Checks Now Follow New Requirements

As of June 2023, the ECHA checks registration dossiers according to the requirements of EU Regulation 2022/477 and its updated Annexes VI–XI. The checks apply to new REACH registrations and to updates of existing dossiers.

Registrants should therefore familiarize themselves with the new information requirements and modify their dossiers accordingly. They can use the ECHA’s new IUCLID validation assistant, which has been available since the end of May.

Important Information

According to Article 20 of REACH, the ECHA is obligated to perform completeness checks. EU-Regulation 2020/507 defines the deadlines for the checks. By the end of this year, the ECHA must check 20% of the registrations submitted by the 2018 deadline for substances in quantities of 100 tons or more. By the end of 2027, 20% of the registrations for substances in quantities of less than 100 tons must be checked.

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