South Africa Publishes Regulation on Hazardous Chemicals

On March 29, South Africa published a Regulation for Hazardous Chemical Agents that includes the requirements of GHS Rev.7 (2017). But the requirements apply only to the classification and labeling of chemicals in the industrial sector. The 1995 Occupational Health and Safety Act serves as the basis for the Regulation.  

For example, point 4 on page 11 of the Regulation specifies the requirements that must be met when employees are exposed to the hazardous chemicals listed in Annex 1. Among other requirements, employers must ensure that employees are trained and that they wear personal protective equipment (PPE). If the danger that a hazardous chemical is inhaled exists, the air must be assessed to monitor established thresholds.  

Companies have been granted a transition period of 18 months. The Regulation takes effect on September 29, 2022.  

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