Toys: New EU Limit Values for Aluminum and Formaldehyde

The EU has defined new limit values for aluminum and formaldehyde for toys. It published Commission directive 2019/1922 in the Official Journal of the European Union on November 19. The change updates No. 13 of Annex II, Part  III of the EU Toy Directive.

The change lowers the limit value for aluminum migration in dry, brittle, powder-like, or pliable toy material from 5,625 mg/kg to 2,250 mg/kg and for liquid or sticky toy materials from 1,406 mg/kg to 506 mg/kg. Simultaneously, the limit for scraped-off toy material was lowered from 70,000 mg/kg to 28,130 mg/kg.

The EU member states must implement the Directive in their national law by May 19, 2021, and it must take effect by the next day.

The EU also published amending directive (EU) 2019/1929 on formaldehyde in toys, which modified Annex II, Appendix C of the Toy Directive. Accordingly, the following new limits for formaldehyde apply as of May 21, 2021.  

  • 1.5 mg/l (migration limit) in polymeric toy material 
  • 0.1 ml/m3 (emission limit) in resin-bonded wood toy material 
  • 30 mg/kg (content limit) in textile toy material
  • 30 mg/kg (content limit) in leather toy material
  • 30 mg/kg (content limit) in paper toy material
  • 10 mg/kg (content limit) in water-based toy material 

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