Turkey Updates Software for Chemicals Registration – More Than 120,000 Preregistrations So Far

Shortly before the start of the registration phase that begins in January 2021, the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MoEU) provided companies with a reworked version of the IT needed to register chemicals. The version is compatible with the IUCLID system that the ECHA runs. Initial experiences with the new version show that working with it is much simpler. But the disadvantage is that it runs smoothly only within Turkey. Foreign companies can access the software only with great difficulty or not at all. Officials from the MoEU confirmed the situation and indicated that it is a targeted measure to protect the Ministry’s Web site from possible cyberattacks. 

Turkey requires foreign companies to engage experts with Turkish citizenship for logins and registrations. The requirement corresponds to  Article 9 of the KKDIK, which states that a company can engage a legal person located in Turkey to perform the function of an only representative (OR) for it.  

Registrations begin on January 1, 2021. For all chemicals in a tonnage band greater than 1 ton, KKDIK defines a registration deadline of 2023. In mid-November, 22,000 chemicals had been preregistered, which corresponds to 122,000 preregistrations.  

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