Updates of Safety Data Sheets: CEFIC Action Plan Making Progress

The European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) has issued a progress report on the action plan that it initiated in June of last year. CEFIC has also released a press release on the report. With the action plan, the Council calls upon chemicals companies to inspect the currency and quality of REACH registration dossiers at their own initiative.

As of April 1, 165 companies had responded to the call. According to the CEFIC report, these companies have reevaluated 1,758 registration dossiers in the first six months of the project. A document is considered reevaluated when it is resubmitted to the ECHA after an update or modification of the chemical safety data. It is also considered reevaluated when the company reinspects the data and concludes that it reflects the most-recent level of knowledge and that the dossier does not need to be resubmitted. In any case, the data should be in a condition for the dossier to receive a green light after an ECHA compliance check.

As Sylvie Lemoine, executive director of product stewardship, told Chemical Watch, the Council is satisfied with developments and finds the results encouraging. The reevaluation has already covered two-thirds of registered chemicals in the middle tonnage band (over 100 tons) and three-quarters of  
chemicals in the tonnage band over 1,000 tons.

Nevertheless, the Council wants to encourage additional companies to participate in reevaluations. The action plan is aligned with the ECHA and should run until at least 2026. CEFIC began the initiative last year after past compliance checks by various agencies uncovered data gaps in the dossiers.

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